Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hasan Sadiq Assorted Qasiday (Faisalabad)

Assalam o Alaikum,

Hasan Sadiq has been releasing qasiday/dhammal albums for many years now. I first came to know of this back in 2004/05 when Hasan Sadiq came to Islamabad and left an album at our home. Since then, I have been listening to his qasiday/dhammal albums regularly. During some years, he's been so prolific that he's released three albums -- one for nohay, one for manqabat, and one for qalandari dhammal.

My father purchased a whole set of his qasiday/dhammal albums in audio cassette format and digitized them to audio CDs. The playlist below contains a sample set of 30 of his Qasiday/Dhammal. Since some of these were before the time of CDs, only the audio was available, so we have presented the Qasiday/Dhammal on top of a slide show of religious images:

Please click on the button right beside the play button to scroll through the list of qasiday in this playlist. There are 30 of them!

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