Monday, February 8, 2010

Chakwal Party 'Geo Group' 2005 (Chakwal)

Assalam o Alaikum,

Over the years, various matami sangatain have gained fame for their heart wrenching nohay or style of matam and azadari. Chakwal party has both. Even as a child, I had memories of groups coming from Chakwal to attend majalis and juloos in Islamabad. These groups had a unique style of matam where they literally would spring a few inches off the ground while doing matam . This would increase the intensity of their matam to a new level.

The videos below don't really show this unique style of matam; however, by listening to the nohay, you will realize their amazing heritage. Whereas I've managed to only upload a single album (2005) from Chakwal party, one can find many more latest albums online in both audio and video format.

On the player above, please click on the button on the bottom right to cycle through the full album.

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